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Before you go tips

A little research and planning your travel and leisure can go a long way to insure you’ll have a safer, more economical and enjoyable trip. A little preparation will also help to keep your property safe while you’re traveling. But, who can remember all the little details when you’re rushing to get away? We can help find the resources needed for planning and remind you of all those little details so you can relax and enjoy your travels

  • Do some research, learn as much as you can about your destination.
  • Check to see what type of weather the area has so you can plan accordingly.
  • Check to see what type of paperwork and documentation you will need to travel.
  • Find out what type of diseases are common to the area you’ll be visiting and take actions to prevent your exposure to those diseases.
  • Check your own medical coverage to see what type of coverage you’ll have when away from home. Consider purchasing trip insurance.
  • If you plan on driving, get your car ready and investigate the local road conditions, laws and other driving requirements.
  • Do some research about the costs of local items so you can set your budget. Don't forget to budget for taxes and tipping. Many governments charge high taxes for travel related services.
  • Check the dates of local major holidays or festivals, since services may be limited on those dates.

  • Plan your trip
    Month ahead:
  • Start looking for special deals and other discounts for which you may qualify.
  • Do some research on the area you’ll be visiting and on the way you’ll be getting there. This is especially important to start your research early if you are planning foreign travel.
  • Check the valid dates on your passport if you are planning on leaving the country.
  • Take care of medical and dental checkups and vaccinations if necessary.
  • After consulting your physician, consider starting an exercise program to prepare your body for the extra exertion you’ll experience while traveling.
  • Make reservations.
    Three weeks ahead:
  • Watch the weather, so you’ll know what to expect and can pack accordingly.
  • Check with your credit card company for available spending amount; ask your bank for an increase if needed. Don’t forget about the deposits that will be charged and leave some room on the card for emergencies.
  • Check the valid dates on your credit card to make sure they will remain valid while you’re traveling.
  • Notify the Credit Card Company that you’ll be traveling, so they will expect charges from your destination.
  • Check your ATM and debit card for both daily and total limits.
  • Remember your PIN numbers or get new ones issued for all your credit, debit, ATM and phone cards.
  • Purchase automatic light timers to switch on and off in the evening.
  • Check your driver’s license to make sure it will remain valid while you’re traveling.
  • Check cameras, purchase new batteries if necessary, and film.
  • Make an arrangement with a neighbor, friend or relative to check your home periodically.
  • If a friend or neighbor cannot collect your mail, make arrangements for it to be held at the Post Office.
  • Arrange for lawn care or snow removal. Ignoring these areas will make your house stand out in the neighborhood and announce to everyone that you are gone.
  • Arrange for someone to start your car during very cold or very hot weather.
  • Arrange boarding for your pets.
  • Start breaking in the shoes you’ll be taking with you on your trip.
  • Add some yogurt to your diet to strengthen your digestive system. This is especially important if your plans include travel to foreign countries where you will be exposed to elements that are hostile to your digestive system.

    Two weeks ahead
    One weeks ahead
    One day before
    The day you leave

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