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Rental Car Tips #1

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Tips about saving money, making reservations, policies & restrictions, payment options, documentation, insurance, renting options and staying safe. Includes links to rental car companies and other resources. Renting a car can be a simple and easy process. But, for something so simple, many people end up with the unfortunate surprise that a quick, uninformed or misinformed decision can bring delays, unnecessary expenses or major legal hassles. We can help you become informed so that renting a car stays a simple and pleasant experience.

How to save money on your Rental Car rates
  • Shopping the Internet can be the quickest and best way to compare many Rental Car rates.
  • If you are planning on purchasing extra items such as a damage waiver or insurance, you should also comparison shop those rates.
  • Make sure their mileage policy is favorable to you so you can avoid extra charges.
  • Airport fees can be quite large so you might see if it is worth it to use an off-airport facility. However, if the off-airport company picks you up at the airport, you'll probably still have to pay some of the fee.
  • You can check their national reservation centers and their local offices; one may be offering a better deal than the other. ASK, if this is the best rate they have available.
  • Make your reservation as soon as you have decided on plans. Most Rental Car Companies increase their rates as reservations come in and their fleets become booked. Also, certain classes of cars will sell out and you may have to end up reserving and paying for a larger vehicle than you want.
  • Being flexible about your travel plans can save you money. Rental Companies that focus on the business or replacement market customers often have great weekend specials. The best rates are found during the off season and at other times when the Rental Companies have extra cars sitting around.
  • Check into booking your vacation as a package. You might be able to save by booking your car along with a certain airline, hotel or attraction ticket package.
  • Book the smallest car that you will need and hope for a free upgrade. But, remember you may get stuck with that small car.
  • Check into other size class vehicles. They may have extra cars in a certain class and be offering discounts for that size class.
  • Use coupons, but read them carefully for exceptions. Most upgrade coupons are "based on availability", so if you have an upgrade coupon that you wish to use and also have a monetary discount coupon, bring them both. If they canít honor the upgrade, they may still give you the monetary discount. Also, remember to book any coupons or discounts in your reservation.
  • Apply any special discount programs for which you are eligible.
  • When you get to the counter, ask if there are any upgrade specials available, they might have some good deals.

    Tips #1 - Tips #2 - Tips #3

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