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Cruise Line Tips

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Tips about picking the right cruise and cabin, packing, food, activities, ports, shopping, documentation, health, safety and tipping. Includes links to cruise lines, passport information and other resources. Every year more people are discovering the value of the all-inclusive nature of a cruise vacation. Many of those people will return to cruising again and again because they enjoy the many luxuries provided by the package the Cruise Line has put together for them. But, because there are many differences in the types of cruises available and a cruise is an all-inclusive package it becomes very important that you pick the right cruise for you. ItA’s all or nothing, so youA’ll want to do a little research to find out if the "all" in their package is just what you are looking for in a vacation. This is where we can help.
  • Do some research, it will be worth it.
  • Check out the Cruise Line’s web pages and brochures for information. Look at the pictures and see what types of activities they have planned. Have they planned a cruise to make someone like you happy?
  • Make some decisions early. Are you looking for a quiet relaxed cruise, a romantic getaway or a party atmosphere? Once you have an idea of what you want out of your vacation, you can judge the different cruises on how well they meet your expectations.
  • Ask your friends, but remember that you are looking for the best cruise for you. Make sure you ask them what they were looking to get out of their vacation. Your friends may have loved the cruise because it was exactly what they wanted. Make sure you have similar expectations before you book the same cruise. Ask lots of questions of your booking agent.
    Factors you should consider
  • The amount you have budgeted and the overall cost of the cruise.
  • Any special price breaks or deals.
  • The Cruise Line’s reputation for the quality of its cuisine and its menu.
  • The Cruise Line’s reputation for customer service.
  • The Cruise Line’s previous ship safety and cleanliness record.
  • The overall atmosphere the cruise conveys. Whether it is family fun, party time, quite elegant sophistication or romantic getaway.
  • The length of the Cruise.
  • The Ship’s own facilities.
  • On ship activities planned.
  • Any theme attached to the cruise.
  • The ports you will be visiting.
  • The shore excursions that the Cruise Line offers.

    Tips #1 - Tips #2 - Tips #3 - Tips #4 - Tips #5

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