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Hotel tips

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Tips about picking the right hotel and room, policies, security, and tipping. Includes links to domestic and foreign hotel chains and other resources. When you stay at a Hotel are you always paying for services you donAít use or always looking for services they donAít have? A little research and planning can help you find the right room in the Hotel that best suits your needs. We can help you become an informed traveler and help you find that room so you can enjoy a safe, healthy and economical stay
You can check some of these issues if they are important to you.
  • Ask around and consider their customer service record. What ratings have they received from independent rating organizations?
  • Evaluate their franchise for consistency. Many Hotelís are franchised so youíll want to see how the particular location fits into the Hotelís chain. Find out how the chain rates this particular property within their organization.
  • Consider their Hotel policies, are they favorable to you or do they penalize you in some way.
  • Find out what partnerships they have that could save you money in other areas. Many Hotels have agreements with airlines, rental car or credit card companies.
  • See if they credit your frequent flyer or frequent guest programs with points.
  • Check the Hotel Chain's locations. Does their Hotel chain have locations where you travel? Do they have international locations?
  • Check the individual hotel's location. Is their airport hotel really close to the airport?
  • Evaluate their facility. When were the rooms last remodeled? Does it have the types of features you need? How well does it suit your need for the quick overnight stay or the weeklong resort vacation? Do they have business suites or meeting rooms available if you need them? Does the particular Hotel you want to stay in located in a safe part of town? Is any major construction going on in the area around your Hotelís location? Will there be any large groups staying at the Hotel that could negatively impact your stay?
  • Do they offer the types of extra services you need? Do they have a concierge, shuttle or laundry service?
  • Can they honor your special requests?
  • See if they offer a Premium or Loyalty Club that feature the services you need.
  • Check to see if you belong to any groups that entitle you to a special deal with a particular Hotel.
  • Consider their rates and the availability of any coupons or discounts. See who offers the best overall deal for your budget.

    Tips #1 - Tips #2 - Tips #3

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