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New Orleans

Most people know New Orleans for its parties, particularly the orgiastic indulgence of Mardi Gras or the year-round bacchanal on Bourbon Street. But if crowds and alcohol poisoning aren't your thing, don't despair. Aficionados of historic architecture will exult in the crowded French Quarter and grandiose Garden District, while those with a hankering to take history home will adore the antique shops of Royal Street. New Orleans has a tendency to bring folks out in a rash of Lestatesque gothic brooding - have a wander among the city's ornate aboveground cemeteries or shed a tear for Jeff Buckley on a ferry cruise of the Mississippi River, then forget your troubles with some crawfish, cool jazz and a mint julep.
Aquarium of the Americas Aquarium of the Americas
This is a world-class aquarium with state-of-the-art exhibits, allowing visitors young and old to experience underwater nature first hand. Visitors immerse themselves in the major marine and submarine habitats of North and South America, including the Caribbean Sea and the Amazon Rainforest. The aquarium also features thousands of fish, reptiles and birds native to these habitats. The newest addition is the Pacific Coast Adventure, which brings the cold Pacific Northwest to the deep South.
French Market French Market
A visit to this flea/farmer's market, going strong since 1812, makes for a day of fun. Visitors to the farmer's market find items ranging from fresh produce and fruit to gator-on-a-stick. The flea market offers souvenirs, such as T-shirts, hats, jewelry, belts, crafts and sunglasses. You can also find great spices, mixes and food products. Though there are plenty of shops that offer cheap knickknacks, you can always find something funky and unique here.
Contemporary Arts Center Contemporary Arts Center
This modern art exhibit center, located in a renovated warehouse, is at the center of the New Orleans' art community. It offers a series of seasonally rotating exhibitions, classes, lectures, performances, screenings and concerts every year. The exhibits waver between traditional and alternative art forms with works from both local and national artists. The center also houses the Cybercafe, which serves gourmet coffees and specialty wines as well as a variety of pastries and sandwiches.
New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum
There are Voodoo walking-tours featuring artifacts and sacred objects related to the realm of "voodoo." Learn everything you wanted to know about this spiritual practice and its history in the Crescent City. There are also guided swamp, plantation and cemetery tours. Be sure to stop by the gift shop to pick-up a voodoo doll, love potion or T-shirt.

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